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 It’s time to CHALLENGE YOURSELF! PUT SOME OOMPH INTO YOUR FITNESS ROUTINE AND TRY SOMETHING NEW AND EXCITING! CROSS TRAINING AT ZING! Cross training: “An exercise regimen that uses several modes of training with the goal of improving fitness, strength and performance.” Yes, it sounds serious, but keep reading. By the end, you’ll be inspired…
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What a Weekend!

Huge THANK YOU to our amaZing riders and instructors for another excellent weekend! #BOOMING !

Take the Challenge!

Rachel De Los Santos made it her mission to spin 7 times in 7 days and the results are CRAZY! A business trip straight to a family vacation with one day to spare (squeezing in a 5:45am class!) prompted Rachel to crush her best numbers every day for a week. Mission accomplished! Take the challenge…
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Thanks for the complement!

You do yoga, Pilates, and strength training, and you look great! But is your heart pounding? Are you sweating?  Your heart is your most important muscle.  It needs exercise too. It’s time to complement your workout. Add some cardio to your routine. Spinning! Ride with the pack in the studio with cool mood lighting, the…
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