Thanks for the complement!

You do yoga, Pilates, and strength training, and you look great!

But is your heart pounding? Are you sweating?  Your heart is your most important muscle.  It needs exercise too.

It’s time to complement your workout. Add some cardio to your routine.


Ride with the pack in the studio with cool mood lighting, the best bikes in the business and an instructor who will motivate and encourage you to reach (maybe even surpass!) your fitness goals.

Each and every class is set to heart pumping music guaranteed to make you sweat to the beat! 

Check out our website for tons of classes designed to fit into your busy schedule. Take a minute to read up on our instructors. Each one brings tons of impressive fitness experience to every class.

ZingCycle…the best cardiovascular bang for your buck with unlimited $5 introductory week classes.

Ride, Sweat, Repeat! 

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